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Kat’s Demise

Kat had always been driven by a sense of purpose. When the pandemic struck and half of humanity was left vulnerable, she knew that she

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Conrad’s Road To Piracy

Conrad was just a teenager when the Dominion Authority came for him. He had little training, and no warning before he was ripped away from

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Calling All Travelers

In the midst of a terrible pandemic that has left half of humanity vulnerable to a deadly disease, a new evolution of humanity is underway.

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Astro Traveler COMING to Steam May 24, 2023

Monster Truck Mayhem

“It's the best Monster Truck game ever.”
Asthon Ledet
“This is the stuff right here.”
Brody Leonard


“Super Game! It's a great game, challenges your brain, not too difficult at first... very enjoyable! Creative developer!”
Friend Chadash

Medieval Mayhem

“This is a great game with multiple strategic options and combinations!”
L. Wyatt

Works in progress