Quatro Designs does not collect any information in their applications.  We do use Unity Analytics that does collect information.  We do not use this data for the purposes of identifying any users or tracking the use of their devices.  We only use the data collected to identify trends in the apps, places users get stuck, usage and purchases.  This is all done to better the gaming experience for users.

Unity Analytics Data Collection



Unity full privacy policy:


Unity collects anonymized data (and personalized data within Survive app), see below:

“In order to provide analytics for your games, Unity Analytics generates an anonymized user ID for each user in your game. We do not use any of these IDs generated from Child Apps to track users across apps built by other developers or to map users between different services, devices, or browsers on the same computer. In addition to these IDs, Unity Analytics also collects the following personal information from Child App users: IP address, identifiers for advertisers (IDFA is only collected if Unity Ads is also enabled) and device identifiers (IDFV, Android device ID or IMEI if Android device ID is unavailable).

Unity’s use of the personal information identified above is limited to providing app-level analytics for the application’s developer and analyzing and reporting anonymized and aggregate-level information about devices, apps and the game industry (for example, the percentage of devices using a certain operating system or the percentage of certain devices by regions). This aggregate-level data contains no personal information. Also, if you’ve enabled Unity Ads in a Child App, Unity may use information about a user collected by Unity Analytics from that Child App to serve contextual advertising within that Child App.”


Please notice that Unity operates in several countries, so it is possible that the data mentioned above is located in non-EU area.

Information that may be collected


  • Device Information: including various unique identifiers, such as IDFA, Android Ad ID, IDFV, MAC address
  • Location information: Our systems (like most used on the web) automatically collect an IP address when Users access the Service. IP addresses can be used to learn about the general location (e.g. city, state and country) of the User’s point of access to the web.
  • Game play activity and actions: When you play a game that uses Unity Analytics, certain game activities such as play session information and monetization events are collected.
  • A Developer using Unity Analytics may choose to collect User information such as name, email address, birthdate, gender, app ID or other Developer-defined data parameters. Please note that Unity does not access or use this data collected pursuant to a Developer’s custom configuration.
  • Log information: When you access our Service or products that use an aspect of our Service, we may log a variety of technical information (“Log Info”), including:
    • IP address;
    • Device information, including device name and IDs, hardware model, operating system and version, and mobile network information;
    • Browser information;
    • Cookie information;
    • Date/time of access;
    • Requested page(s); and
    • Referring page(s).
  • Developer Software information: When you use Unity Software to develop games and apps, we will collect IP address, operating system, username, hostname, hardware ID, serial number, Unity ID, organization ID, and project ID during your first use of the Software. When you use Unity Software, it may automatically make Internet connections to check for updates, validate your license keys, and provide us with aggregated usage statistics. We may employ third-party analytics services to collect and analyze Developers’ use of the Unity Software.
  • Unity Cloud Build information: If you use Unity Cloud Build Services, our systems are designed to track the progress of builds and to alert you and us when key steps have been completed.
  • Cookies and choices concerning Unity Ads


The data actively provided can vary from none to many of these depending on what services you use within the app.

  • Name
  • Age or date of birth
  • Gender
  • Username
  • Profile photo
  • Email address
  • Physical or mailing address
  • Phone number
  • Name and contact information for a business or organization
  • Password(s) that Users create to access parts of the Service
  • Billing or financial account information and tax or government IDs
  • Social network information: When you log in to our Services with a social network account, you may have the option of sharing information such as the name you use on that network and your friends list or other information that the third party social network chooses to share with Unity.
  • Users may share information with us that we store on their behalf and use to enhance their experiences. For example, in Unity’s game replay Service, Users may be able to upload contacts so they can make connections or to have invitations sent to friends.
  • Users may provide us with information when they participate in community and forum pages on the Services. 
  • For certain Developer Services such as Unity Cloud Build, Unity Collaborate, Unity Multiplayer or Unity Analytics, Developers may provide game information and credentials, including source control information as well as codes and keys.