Multiple Environments

From the snow covered mountainous regions to the depths of hades your battles can cover the globe through these environments.

Puzzling Levels

Some levels are filled with puzzles you will need to solve to complete. These puzzles become more challenging as you work through the levels.

Customizable Warriors

Warriors come with armor and weapons. Each weapon or armor item can boost a particular stat. For example upgrading your weapon will increase your accuracy. You can also name your warriors here.

Warrior Abilities

Keep your warriors alive as each time they complete a level they will gain XP. Once your warriors hit a certain level they will gain the ability to use ranged attacks with magic. Continue upgrading them to increase their ranged magic attack accuracy.

Turn-based Battle System

Each turn you will get the chance to move one of your warriors, use powerups, or wait out the enemy. You can win battles by destroying all the enemies or taking all the bases on the current level.

Achievement System

Work your way through the achievements to earn gold. Some achievements are quite tough but all well worth the work to complete.