A plague has overcome Earth and you were selected to take to the stars in a tiny spaceship in a plan to save humanity.  You hit the first jump station away from Earth with the hopes to sustain the human race by becoming a multiplanet species.  You have arrived at your new home where you will engage in an exciting life where you trade, hunt for criminals, mine, steal, and assassinate to make ends meet.  Out here criminals run rampant, aliens foil your best mining haul ever, and asteroids smash your hull with one wrong move, but it is the life you must lead to give humanity a chance! 

 In this open world game you can choose what you want to be.  Your actions will influence your rank in four areas: Mining, Combat, Exploration, and Trading.  Your actions will also influence your rank within the four factions.   
– Trader : Visit space stations and purchase goods.  Search the galaxy for the best price and sell.
– Miner : Find systems with dense asteroid belts and blast away as you collect materials.  These materials are the core component in ship upgrading.
– Explorer : Many systems have been connected by the Jump Station network, now we need explorers to go out and map them.

– Combat : As you perform one of the above roles you may be attacked by criminals or aliens.  You can choose to hunt down known criminals in your system and return to the station and collect their bounties.  Aliens do not like our mining operations and if you continue to do so in their presence you may find yourself in combat.  If you choose to take the dark path, you can be a criminal destroying mining vessels and collecting the goods they have collected.

Earn money in the various ways specified above to purchase new ships, weapons, and reinforcements.  By combining the money you’ve earned with the proper resources from mining you can upgrade various systems on your ship.  

Each manufacture and ship type has it perks and limitations, however.  Choose wisely as each ship has max upgrades for shields, weapon power, cooling, rotation speed, engine speed and hull strength.  Head over to our outfitting shop and purchase and install new weapons.  There are different weapons in turreted and non-turreted variants.  With each ship there is a max cargo which you can fill with mining loot, trading goods, or reinforcements.  Reinforcements are great if you need to increase shields or hull strength to, for instance, go bounty hunting where cargo space may not be what you need.

As a trader you will not just be moving goods around for a profit.  You will be constantly fighting with other players in a live trading system.  Purchase and sell prices are set by the markets based on current inventory and system stock.  If you find a great buy at one station and two hops away there is a 400% profit, remember all players influence the markets and you may not get the payday you were dreaming of.

At most stations you will find a mission hub.  Here you can view and accept missions.  Missions are inspired by the systems current situation.  For instance if the next system over is at 80% alien infestation, it may need to be cleaned up.  Others require you to acquire trade items or mine for a certain material.  Occasionally the crime in a system will be out of control and a call to bounty hunters is needed to wrangle them back in.  Complete missions and gain money or goods for your services.

Coming Early 2023.