George Rowland

George Rowland

Calling All Travelers

In the midst of a terrible pandemic that has left half of humanity vulnerable to a deadly disease, a new evolution of humanity is underway. As society struggles to find a solution, a new space initiative emerges – one that will select those who are immune to the disease and send them through a wormhole near Earth to start anew.

The selection process is rigorous and complex, taking into account a range of factors from health and resources to skills and social status. But as the chosen few prepare to leave, they face an uncertain future. Our technology is far from being able to find habitable planets, and the journey through the wormhole is fraught with danger.

Four factions war to be the government of the stars; Dominion Authority, Free Confederation, Market Syndicate, and the Galactic Union. You are selected to Dominion and are given a ship to begin your journey.

What awaits on the other side of the wormhole? An elaborate trap or a helping hand?

Can you be the savior of humanity?

Join the fight!!! Find new worlds! Save humankind!

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