George Rowland

George Rowland

Conrad’s Road To Piracy

Conrad was just a teenager when the Dominion Authority came for him. He had little training, and no warning before he was ripped away from his family and forced to join the Authority’s ranks. His parents, neither who were immune to the virus, were never seen again.

The Authority’s training was swift, brutal, and unforgiving. Conrad struggled to keep up with the physical and mental demands. He missed his family and the life he had before. But he was determined to survive and attempt to save humanity.

He did not progress through the ranks and made very few credits, so Conrad started pirating to supplement his income. He saw more of the world outside the Dominion Authority’s walls. He saw the suffering of the Free Confederation, the opportunistic nature of the Trade Federation, and the democratic ideals of the Galactic Union. The more he saw, the more he began to question his loyalties and his actions.

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