Career Mode

Work you way through a career as you fight for championships. Use your income to repair damage, enter high stakes events, upgrade trucks, or buy new chassis. Gain sponsor interest as you win races and increase your prestige and level. Better sponsors means more money but tougher goals, complete all goals and get the big sponsor payout.


Compete in tournaments racing 1v1 against your opponents. Win the tournaments to unlock new events or progress your career.


Compete against the clock to WOW the judges in this open event. Perform many tricks such as wheelies, stoppies, pogos, backflips and more!!! Attain the highest score to win.

Major features include:
-In depth Career Mode – Complete events and series to earn money and prestige and become the World Champion.
-Single Season Mode – Compete in a single season to try to become the champion.
-Single Event Mode – Complete events in your current tier to move to the next tier. Each tier represents a new challenge where skill and truck upgrades become most important.
-Multiple Truck Bodies.
-Multiple Truck Skins for each body.
-Upgradable Engine, suspension, and tires.
-Race and Freestyle events.
-Multiple Season schedules.
-Custom season schedule in single season mode.
-Multiple race types to include circle, horseshoe, figure 8, and more.
-Freestyle points with judges to give points for jumps, wheelies, backfilps, and more. Total score wins the game.
-Dynamic suspension damage. If you upgrade springs but not planetary gear sets you will most likely begin breaking springs. 
-Multiple control setups. Tilt, touch and Moga Pro Controller.
-Crushable cars, busses and campers.

This app is free to download. A full version(ad free) will be purchasable for .99 USD in app.