Week 2 Mining still
George Rowland

George Rowland

The Basics

This week I have completed the game mechanics for moving and shooting Asteroids, dropping materials, and collecting cargo. This is the easy part!!! From here I will need to give ships ratings, create more ships, make an AI and so much more.

I am creating this game in Unity 3D and coding in C#. I have been dreaming of this game for a while now and had my eye on some assets to use for ships and asteroids. I purchased those and threw together a small asteroids-like game this weekend. In Unity, you can create auto colliders for sprites, so I used that and made all the asteroid and ship colliders. I utilized primitive capsule colliders for the shot particles. For the collision I make the damaged object interrogate the shot particle for how much damage to apply. In this simple game, I chose to use Unity’s builtin Random.Range() to give me a value of objects to drop and Random.Value(), which gives a value from 0.0f to 1.0f to determine the type of object to drop.

In the future, I will use a probability function to calculate the probability of items dropped to be relevant to their values. For the ship’s inventory system I created a dictionary that places the collected object in the proper container. Right now there is no limit to the number of items you can carry, but ship cargo is on the list of features to be added. That is all for this week keep watching for more on this development journey.

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